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Living in lock-down? In these stories, five Holocaust survivors will tell you how, when they needed it most, they found someone who stood up, leaned in, and helped out.

When times are tough—like now—we can learn from history. In Centropa’s stories, you'll hear from those who were forced to hide for years in barns and in attics, in churches and in the woods. What’s more, you’ll see stories of neighbors and strangers reaching out to help others because it was the right thing to do, despite the risk to themselves. These are stories for our time, and we share them with you in the hope that they inspire you.

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At Centropa, we collect stories. We share stories. Between 2000 and 2009 we interviewed over 1,200 elderly Jews still living in Europe, asked them to tell us about the entire century, just as they lived it, and we digitiz

ed 25,000 of their old family pictures. Every one of those pictures comes with a personal story. It is through these pictures--and the stories that come with them--that helped us preserve a world. We are here to share them with you. Click here to see our webpage.

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Our five films

These five films have been shown in 13 international film festivals and each of them tells the inspiring story of someone reaching out and taking in a friend. We'd like to thank those who made these films possible: The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, The Taube Foundation, the US State Department and the Jewish Museum of Berlin

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